Xero’s new Business Performance Dashboard

Date: 5th June 2015

Xero Business Performance Dashboard

The new Business Performance Dashboard is now available to all Xero customers. This release marks the start of a new wave of Xero functionality and provides a view of a business’s performance across a wide range of standard business metrics.

You can now view simple graphs of each metric. This will help to identify important trends that would otherwise be difficult and time consuming to derive. You will be able to click on any metric to find out more information – including how each has been calculated and where the data comes from.

The Business Performance dashboard shows you how the performance of your business ebbs and flows from month-to-month. It highlights seasonal variations to help you prepare for the months ahead. It shows you trends in your business that aren’t obvious running reports month-to-month.

Check out the video to see an overview of the dashboard and the value it provides.

If you want to see the dashboard in action in your own Xero account, go to the Reports tab and select Business Performance. Click on the star in the top left hand corner of a graph if you want it to appear on your dashboard.

The simple visualisations should lead to improved business practices, more profits, more staff, feeding the economy. This is what Xero is all about!

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