Xero Quotes are GO!

Date: 29th January 2015

Many small businesses win work by using sales quotes. They drive sales, which, in turn, generate revenue and build relationships with customers. So when Xero released Quotes last week, many of us in the Xero world were extremely excited, to say the least.

xero quotes

It’s now easy to create, send and manage your quotes workflow all the way through to customer acceptance. By making it easy to create a quote, you can quickly respond to an opportunity, anytime anywhere, keeping your business moving forward. Then, with a couple of clicks, Quotes can also be turned into invoices so you can be paid for all of your hard work.

You can access and create quotes from the Sales dashboard. Here you can also see a summary of your quotes in progress including draft, sent, accepted and expired quotes. This makes it easy to track the status of a quote, follow up on the ones that have been sent but not accepted, and generally keeping your business moving.

The Sales dashboard also makes it easier to understand what work’s in your pipeline, so you can plan your resources accordingly – and can ask your advisor for any help in scaling your business up or down as your business requires.

To save you time you can easily use an existing quote and copy it to a new one; you can also mark a quote as invoiced and set up reusable quote terms to suit your business if you need to be consistent or change them on the fly to suit a particular job – it’s up to you!

And similar to the way invoices work, the look of your quotes can be tailored by creating customised branding themes and email templates. Check out the following video to learn more about sales quotes.

Xero is already busy working on more features for quotes, such as the ability for a customer to view and accept quotes online, the ability to copy a quote to a bill or purchase order, and more.

Contact us or visit the Xero Help Centre if you need help with Quotes.

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