Xero Business Course client – Wanaka Joinery & Glass

Date: 14th September 2016

Our Xero Business Courses have been enjoying a solid following, numbers are growing and we have had some amazing feedback about how the tips and tricks have helped people in their business. We spoke to Tania Reid from Wanaka Joinery and Glass to see how the course has been helpful for her.

Kitchen by Wanaka Joinery & Glass

Through her study with the Te Wananga O Aotearoa Applied Small Business Growth Management Course, Tania identified that they were doing really well in most areas of their businesses and other areas needed a little polish. A customer service questionnaire and competitor analysis led her to think about how technology was being used (or not used) in their business.

Use of technology

Firstly they looked at their workshop and upgrades were made in the form of some high-tech machinery and design systems.

Next, they looked at the use of technology in their accounting and reporting systems and Tania quickly took steps to up the ante. They were already using Xero for invoicing, bills, inventory and bank feeds, but once Tania started her five week Xero Business Course with Findlay & Co, it hit home that she could do so much more.

“The course is very interactive; Scott and Wayne are very good at getting the point across without the fluff. Learning about the next level of functionality within Xero means it saves me time, paper and effort. Our business systems are linked together, it feels like we are ahead of the game.”

Taking Xero to the next level

These are some of the ways Tania is now using Xero in her business:

  • Xero to Xero invoices – Tania cites this as one of the best things she learnt in the course. It’s a nifty way of sending or receiving your customers’ or suppliers’ invoices straight into the Xero account. No sending, forwarding or printing of emails or attachments is needed!
  • Papyr Xero add-on – instead of dealing with loads of paper receipts and manual coding, Tania has adopted this Xero add-on which she can use to expense on-the-go.
  • Batch Payments – another time-saving trick that Tania is loving, is the batch payment feature. She can bundle together payments to multiple creditors in one, neat transaction. Very convenient when you have a long list of invoices due!
  • Xero Mobile App –Tania is using Xero on her mobile, not just for expensing on-the-go, but interestingly she is finding it handy for managing and sharing contacts with her team.
  • Xero Files – not only a good way to save financial information, but Tania is utilising this feature to save customers’ kitchen files. Having these files ‘in the cloud’ makes them readily available and shareable anywhere, anytime.
  • ‘Discuss’ tab – Tania is using the Discuss tab to communicate directly with her accountant. If she comes across an item during bank reconciliation that she doesn’t know how to code, she simply hits ‘discuss’ and the accountant is notified of the exact issue. Simple yet brilliant!
  • Invoice reminders – these have been ‘amazing’ says Tania. No more making time consuming phone calls.

Looking to the future

All of this has resulted in a lot of stream-lining and time saving. But Tania is not finished yet… she is also investigating an integration between time-sheets, payroll and Xero; improving inventory recording; and better use of reporting.

“The guys are on to it, they even sent out reminders the night before each session. They also shared study notes and followed up on any holes in the learning. We’re now ready for the next level!”

One more happy business owner thriving by putting Xero to good use.

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