Why a Smartphone or Tablet is the Best Tool for your Tool Kit

Date: 4th October 2013

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(An edited extract from a Geoop.com blog)

With the increasing uptake of smartphone and tablet ownership around the globe (about 20% of the 5 billion mobile phones in the world are smart phones) this ownership is now infiltrating every industry sector and workplace including the trades and services.

For example in Australia a survey of 540 tradespeople showed that more than 40 per cent used smartphones and tablets on site. We’ve seen this uptake with GeoOP becoming one of the fastest growing job scheduling solutions around for tradies.

These are great figures seeing the trades and services industries are traditionally pen and paper driven where multiple phone calls, job cards, double handling of information and a long period of wait time between completing the job and receiving payment are accepted as a normal part of business. We would like to see the uptake of smartphone and tablet ownership increase as we believe these are now the best tools for any tradies tool kit.

GeoOP talked to Clinton, a very early adopter of GeoOP, about his transition away from pen and paper.  Clinton believes that one of the most empowering things about the transition to smartphones and tablets with GeoOP in particular is that it makes business owners think about their business in a different way. As GeoOP can break down your operational process, where the jobs come from, to categorising them and the flow of this process, most of which is just second nature but not a recorded process for most tradies. Breaking down this process and having it available on a mobile device gives the owners a lot more vision over the individual business and can streamline the business for growth with no room for assumptions to be made by employees and contractors.

Clinton believes it’s very important for trades and services businesses to have software that compliments a business’s process, namely support the functions of the administration and support staff in the office and also the team members out on the job in the field.  He likes that:

  • it’s great for the back end being able to be tailored to your business
  • it’s easy and intuitive for staff to pick up in the field straight away
  • it has increased billable hours by over 20 % with the reduction of administration time,
  • there is no duplication of information and no incorrect information being delivered
  • there are less phone calls needing to be made.

If you or any of your clients are in the trades and services sector, what are you waiting for? Utilising a smartphone or tablet in your tool kit will be the best tool you can use for your business. You can try GeoOP for free for thirty days and see what all the fuss is about.

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