Who can get the Wage Subsidy Extension

Date: 13th July 2020

You can’t receive more than one COVID-19 payment for the same employee at the same time. This includes the:

  • Wage Subsidy
  • Leave Support Scheme, and
  • Wage Subsidy Extension

You must be an eligible employer
New Zealand employers who are still significantly impacted by COVID-19 are eligible to apply.


Your business must be in New Zealand
Your business must be registered and operating in New Zealand.


Your employees must be legally working in New Zealand
Legally working in New Zealand means a person is both working in New Zealand and is legally entitled to work in New Zealand.


You must have a 40% decline in revenue
Your business must have experienced a minimum 40% decline in revenue for a continuous 30 day period. The 30 day period must be:

  • in the 40 days before you apply (but no earlier than 10 May 2020)
  • compared to the closest period last year.

The decline must also be related to COVID-19.


You must mitigate the financial impact
Your business must have taken active steps to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19


You must retain the employees you’re applying for
You must retain the employees named in your application for the period of the Wage Subsidy Extension.
Employers are required to agree that, for the duration of the Wage Subsidy Extension, they will retain the employees the subsidy was paid for.


For full details on these criteria please check out the Work and Income information click here.

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