What’s up with the puppet?

Date: 1st August 2011

When we saw the latest series of Air AN’s promo videos which feature US Celebs which we recognized, but we were wondering who is that puppet? Well, the puppet is Rico, Air New Zealand’s promo mascot.

The latest video features The Hoff (David Hasselhoff) and puppet Rico, are chatting it up by the pool. They are reclined on the fancy new Skycouch seats, which give passengers the in-air luxury of converting three normal airplane seats into one recliner couch. We like this idea.

This latest string of marketing promo videos from Air NZ has been released to Youtube. The company has continued to be a leader in connecting with the public through online marketing techniques. Some videos can only be viewed online and hopes to find success through these innovative videos.

Be on the look out for Snoop Dogg, Lindsay Lohan and Giuliana Rancic to be in video shorts with Rico on their YouTube channel

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