What’s new, what’s next, what’s in store for 2013?

Date: 24th January 2013

Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predications for 2013 named the uptake of a super duper, four times the resolution, TV model called the 4K. Sounds cool…just when we’ve got the plasma mounted on the wall.

Most people have a tablet, iPad or smarty-pants phone. These seemed to be all the fuss for 2012. But we agree with the Deloitte’s ‘palm readers’ when they say, “The PC is not dead”. Why?…Because they are easier to use, no, swiping or diddling about with little buttons, figuring out how to prop them, squint to read them or just keep them alive (Side story – smartphones are especially prone to being dropped down the toilet – 39% of people use their phone on the toilet and the most common reason for losing a contact list is the ole loo drop, end of side-story). With a trusty PC you are less likely to spill a cup-o-tea on them or get a smeary screen or drop them in the toilet.
www.phychics.co.uk see Victoria Beckham designing something with an oriental look in 2013. Simon Cowell will become more spiritual and Google servers will be attacked by terrorists, not aliens. These same phychics predicted that Kate Middleton would announce her pregnancy in May 2013 (ooops) and that the Duke of Edinburgh would pass away, ouch!

Food trends in 2013 are listed as: beer, donuts, game meats, no meats, popcorn, smoked or pickled, bread and hilariously….smaller portions! Hair for 2013 will be clever braids and low buns, bye-bye sharp heavy fringe!

So if you need a new TV, haircut or meal ideas for 2013 here are some ideas, just remember to back up your contacts list and start to look in your wardrobe for something with an oriental feel and you will be all set for 2013!

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