What would you do?

Date: 28th March 2011

A recent article in the Otago Daily Times told how a survey conducted by the Lotteries Commission showed that only 4% of winners chose to retire while 66% stayed in their same jobs!

The following day a report in the New Zealand Herald claimed that 60% of Kiwis hate their jobs or could care less about their work as long as they got a pay cheque….ouch!
My question is how many people who hate their jobs are buying Lotto tickets? These possible glass-half-fullers don’t imagine they could win?
How many of the 40% of people that are loving their jobs, are not so stoked to be working with the folks who don’t wanna be there?
Are the folks that won filling jobs that someone else could have when they could be off seeing the world or volunteering?
Why aren’t we as a nation seeking job satisfaction? Food for thought!

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