What does #GigatownWanaka mean to you?

Date: 4th December 2013

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In case you haven’t already, ‘Gigatown’ will be the first town in the Southern hemisphere to access a one gigabit per second (1Gbps) internet connection.  The town with the loudest voice in social media will be New Zealand’s first Gigatown, and #gigatownWanaka is pulling out all the stops to be the chosen one! If Wanaka wins we’ll be well positioned to become a leading digital innovation hub for New Zealand, showcasing how ultra-fast broadband can re-define our economy, reshape how our children learn and change how our communities live, work and play.

The towns taking part in the Gigatown competition are all areas where Chorus is deploying fibre to bring ultra-fast broadband services within reach of Kiwi homes and businesses. The winning Gigatown – that’s the town with the most points at the end of the competition final late next year -will be ideally placed to become a leading digital innovation hub for New Zealand. They’ll have:

  • The fastest internet in the Southern hemisphere – Chorus will make a special 1Gbps wholesale service available in the winning Gigatown at a special price, and
  • A Gigatown development fund – a $200,000 fund provided by Chorus and Alcatel Lucent’s ng Connect will support entrepreneurs and innovators taking new services over Gigabit fibre to market for Gigatown.

For Findlay and Co faster broadband means that our clients grow their businesses using cloud accounting, Saas and the wide range of online financial tools like Xero. These online tools become second nature and effective tools in driving business growth.  We also asked a few people around town what winning the Gigatown competition would mean to them and their business.  Here’s what they had to say.

Tess Hellebrekers, Lake Wanaka Tourism:

Even now we are seeing the results of having the conversation on Wanaka amplified with good photos and good content in the social media channels.  If we do win, we will see an even better workstyle-lifestyle in Wanaka.

Snow Snow NZ

Our athletes, coaches and support team travel all around the globe competing so for SSNZ it is about connection. We need to be able to talk face to face with our global team 24/7.  It is important for the development of our athletes for us to be able to transfer footage, share data and communicate effectively to anyone, anywhere any time all around the world.  For that we need fast broadband.

Nikki Heath, Wanaka Pharmacy and Wanaka Sun:

It will bring working people and families to town.  As well as an economic boost, it will give Wanaka more vibrancy.  I expect there would be a tenfold payback.

Sophie Melville, graphic designer:

This will open the doors for new business with faster transitions, such as file sharing, with out of town clients.

Sally Norman, event contractor:

This is all about opening up opportunities for Wanaka, being able to connect with people out of town to facilitate our arts and culture industries.

Jo McGregor, parent:

I’m hoping there is going to be potential for my children to live here, to work in a well paid job and enjoy the lifestyle.

Chris Robinson, new immigrant and setting up a new business in town

Not only is fast broadband essential for business, but it’s important for keeping in touch with family back in the UK, like better quality Skype conversations with grandparents .  And it will improve on-line gaming!

There’s more information on how to get behind the GigatownWanaka campaign in our earlier blog GigatownWanaka: more than just a hashtag.




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