Wayne’s World! Findlay & Co supports #gigatownWanaka

Date: 25th June 2014

Wayne Findlay talks about why Findlay and Co are pushing to get ultra fast broadband (UFB) in Wanaka, and supporting the #gigatownWanaka campaign. Being a cloud-based accounting company, Findlay & Co relies heavily on internet access and having fast internet is integral to running the business efficiently. Wayne also discusses the benefits of UFB for the community with new business, educational and creative opportunities.

How internet affects the way Findlay & Co does business

The way Findlay & Co does business has changed over the years. We use cloud-based based accounting software, Xero, so it follows that we need technological infrastructure that supports this.

Given that Wanaka is geographically isolated, and that we have satellite offices in Queenstown, Christchurch and Alexandra, we do a lot of our business on-line.

It’s difficult for our clients to travel to training courses so we provide online training webinars. We video conference with clients, our other offices and with industry colleagues. We use Skype to talk to clients based overseas.

What if Wanaka wins the #gigatown competition?

According to Wayne, if Wanaka wins the #gigatown competition, there will be huge opportunities for the business community to create business hubs of like-minded creative people.  There will be more educational opportunities. “Put the kids/people who want to learn in the places they want to stay.”

When Wanaka gets ultra fast broadband, we can look forward to a lot of positive growth and increased vibrancy in our community.

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