Wayne Findlay

Director, B Com, CA

Wayne Findlay is a founder and Director of Findlay & Co. He graduated from Otago University in 1993, working both for the IRD and in an accounting practice before buying a small block of fees and starting his own practice in 2002.

Wayne is a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor to clients in Wanaka, Queenstown, Central Otago, Christchurch and overseas. He is a forward-thinker with a big vision and enthusiasm for innovation. With a passion for information technology ,Wayne likes to explore new software and technology and drives the adoption of technology for the firm and for our clients. He has a special interest in cloud computing, and has a comprehensive understanding of the smart tools available to assist clients in driving their business growth and efficiency. Wayne’s ability to think outside of the square means that he is able to advise beyond just tax and accounting compliance. He can give you guidance on buying and selling businesses, reaching goals, restructuring businesses and strategic planning, and all in plain English.

A family man, Wayne imparts his love of the outdoors and sport on his two children and is often seen going to work on his bike – preferring Lycra to a suit!

Wayne’s speciality areas include: Overseas Investors and Business Planning

Email wayne@findco.co.nz
Tel 03 443 4417 ext 701
Skype wayne-findlay

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