Tribute to Mums running their own businesses: ‘Mumtrepreneurs’

Date: 7th May 2014

Mumtrepreneur awards

Mother’s Day is coming up at the end of this week and we celebrate the many successful female entrepreneurs, ‘Mumtrepreneurs’ (or ‘Mompreneurs’) out there who have two very challenging jobs: running a business and raising children.

Research on Mumtrepreneurs

According to recent article from  the University of Auckland Business Review, the number of women who have chosen to be self-employed has more than doubled over the past 30 years. Although represented in lower numbers than their male counterparts, New Zealand women are choosing this as a viable employment option at a much more rapid rate.

New Zealand-based researcher, Jodyanne Kirkwood, found that in setting up their ventures women entrepreneurs take into account not only personal and work related factors, but family ones as well. Moreover, women run their businesses differently from men, and more often than not integrate them into their existing social webs.

For women, this blurring of family-business boundaries often includes the responsibility of managing childcare. More often than not, these women are primary carers for their children, and are accountable for running households as well as businesses.

However, this is not all bad news. Indeed, the autonomy and control of self-employment allow women to make choices when managing the often competing demands of business and family life. Ultimately, such autonomy may result in a less stressful work-life balance than more structured corporate jobs. In his 2007 article, ‘Mompreneurship as a challenge to the growth Ideology of Entrepreneurship’,

Steffen Korsgaard suggests that some women are choosing to set up their own businesses in part to facilitate balancing work and childcare duties. If so, “mompreneurs” may be challenging the very concept of entrepreneurship being driven by a desire for growth. And, with more mothers raising children while running businesses, what might this mean for their daughters?

Fly Buys Mumtrepreneur of the Year

Do you know an outstanding entrepreneurial Mum?  Fly Buys Mumtrepreneur of the Year are awards to recognise talented women who run successful businesses that demonstrate leadership, vision, strong financial performance and innovative and strategic thinking – while raising children.

The competition is open until the 20th of June for women in New Zealand who own a business that is between three and ten years in operation, which they started while raising a child or children. There are five award categories, including Best Product or Service, Best Online Business, Best Creative Business, Best Food and Beverage Business and Best Agri-business. Category winners will be eligible for the Fly Buys Mumtrepreneur of the Year Award.

Local Mumtrepreneurs

We have our fair share of Mumtrepreneurs in #GigatownWanaka.  Bridget Legnavsky is one who stands out.  She has two children, a successful fashion store (47 Frocks) and a mountain resort (Cardrona Alpine Resort) in her care! Brona Parsons of Federal Diner and Raspberry Creek Catering is another hard working, successful business Mum of two.  There are countless others with dance studios, restaurants, hair salons, bookkeeping, design and cake making businesses.    Let’s give them some recognition – support their businesses, give them thanks on-line or in person, or nominate them for the Fly Buys  Mumtrepreneur of the Year award!  Or if she’s your Mum, perhaps breakfast in bed this Sunday may be in order!



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