The Sun’ll Come Out

Date: 7th July 2010

It is tempting to pull out the stormy weather clichés when talking about business confidence; we think they have been over-used and are ahem….gloomy. The weather analogies we prefer are… spring is coming, the days are brighter, summer is coming!

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research has released figures showing a down turn in business confidence and their suspicion is that the ‘no-show’ of the predicted economic bounce back is the culprit. In actual fact what this probably means is that on the ground business people are tired of reaching into their pockets and tired of conjuring motivation to keep going. Possibly all mental and financial reserves have long been spent. We understand. It makes you scared and worried and sometimes this fear can stop you in your tracks.
We have come up with some ideas to help you get through. Sometimes it is about putting one foot in front of the other and committing to carrying out constructive activity.

We have some tricks up our sleeve we hope will help.

Activity Equals Results
Marketing is more than shiny brochures, business cards and websites. It is also about building relationships and networks. We know this sounds naff, but it is as easy as talking to people about what they do and in turn talking about what you do. Small towns tend to have strong business communities, and if you haven’t already, it’s a great idea to join the Chamber of Commerce. This is a group of like-minded business owners who often share the same trials and triumphs as you. They usually meet once a month, often at a members premise to network and hear about the all relevant news. Learn more about the Wanaka Chamber of Commerce here.

Look for Small Local Publications
At Findlay and Co we are advocates of the Upper Clutha Messenger. We love their community minded philosophy and simple execution of a well read local rag. The ‘Messenger’ as we all lovingly call her is an inexpensive yet reliable avenue to get the word out on what you are up to; line ads start at about $8…go on stretch those creative minds, grab some attention and remember a call to action!

Talk to your customers, they are your best advocates! So, sort out your client database, if you don’t have one figure out how you are going to get one and manage one. While you are at it, it’s a good time to look at all your systems and look for opportunities to streamline so that when the flood gates open you are ready to manage work flow, clients and staff better. It is a great time to start collecting client testimonials. This creates an opportunity to visit your clients and nurture those relationships….and get out of the office/workshop for a bit.

Get Your Tweet On
Be brave…consider the world of social media. We know that it seems a bit overwhelming but if accountants can do it anyone can! This is actually just another way to connect with your clients and potential clients. We suggest getting help though as there are shortcuts and online etiquette that will get you ahead.

Try to get your head in the right place. Yes it is a difficult time, this is no secret but either constructive activity or take a break, go for a walk, have the afternoon off and come back fresh. If you need help, remember to ask for it. There is good advice everywhere and people are always willing to help.

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