Thank You, Thankyou Payroll!

Date: 22nd May 2014

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Here at Findlay & Co we love small business success stories. And Thankyou Payroll, a Xero integrated payroll product that many of our clients use, is a prime example. Here are four great reasons why you will love Thankyou Payroll like we do. They’re small and innovative (we love a good ‘garage startup’ story) and local (well, pretty close, based in Dunedin); their product is simple and it’s FREE, (or extremely well priced if you want optional extras); they’re a Xero add-on partner (always a good thing); AND they’re just darn good people!

Small, Innovative and Local

Thankyou Payroll is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company. It all began in 2009 when Hugh Davidson and Kate Stevens, from the musty depths of a Port Chalmers garage, created version one of the online payroll system, Thankyou Payroll. Steady improvement and word of mouth saw the company grow in clients, staff and service features. In 2013 they launched version 2 of Thankyou Payroll, with greater versatility, easier integration with external services like Xero and a range of other client focused features.

To date it has processed over 21,000 pays at a value of over $64,000,000.

Simple and free

They calculate and process your pays, including all tax obligations at little or no cost to you.

All you need to do to process a pay is enter your employee’s hours into Thankyou Payroll’s online timesheet, transfer the total from the dashboard to their trust account and they take care of paying your employees and making the monthly tax payments to the IRD.

You don’t have to school up on the constantly changing employment rules and regulations because they take care of it. Even working out employee annual leave and Kiwi Saver entitlements.

It’s free because the IRD pay them to get it right via their Payroll Subsidy scheme. Inland Revenue realised that by subsidising the use of powerful payroll services like Thankyou Payroll, they can say goodbye to a large amount of their own workload.

Xero Add-on Partner

The Thankyou Payroll system can be fully integrated with your Xero account making double handling of payroll information a thing of the past.

Lifestyle Focus and Community Spirit

Not only is the product cool, but the small team behind Thankyou Payroll is too.  CEO Lani Evans, who often breaks up the morning commute by kayaking to work from Port Chalmers, talks about the ”amazing” lifestyle in the city, the collaborative and supportive community, and the ”great talent” coming out of the University of Otago (ODT article).

The other neat thing is that each time you use their service, you’re helping to raise funds for communities around New Zealand. Thankyou Payroll donates 25 cents per person per pay (up to $5 per organisation) to the Thankyou Charitable Trust – that money comes out of their bank account, not yours.

The Thankyou Charitable Trust, gives out microgrants to community organisations that are working to build community resilience, connection and sustainability.

PLUS you can choose to have the fees charged for the premium one-day processing and overnight processing services donated directly to the Thankyou Charitable Trust.

Thank you, Thankyou Payroll, you’re awesome!

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