Technology hacks for time poor business people

Date: 30th November 2019

We hear it all the time from our clients – “we just don’t have the time.” We completely understand, we’re all time poor! But what can you do to be time smart?  Time management and productivity is a hot topic in any business, and luckily there are some very accessible solutions in this technology driven age. 

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Technology to the rescue!

There’s an absolute abundance of software options out there in the big wide web, but the process of setting up new software can be a time sucking activity in itself! So, before you jump right in, here’s a few tips to get it right the first time:

Take your time

Ironic, considering you’re implementing a time saving solution, but this is one task not to rush. As you’ll quickly discover, for every software there are plenty of other options. Take your time – doing it once and doing it right will be the biggest time saver here!  

When in doubt, make a list

Break the business down into areas or departments and identify key requirements – then send that list off to the software teams and see if you can find a match. You’ll soon sort the flowers from the weeds and learn a lot about the software support team along the way.

Working better together

Businesses are quickly seeing the benefit of software integration vs. standalone software. Xero, for example, integrates with a wide range of software from payroll to job management to time tracking. Have a look into how this could work for you, you could be surprised at the options!

Test it, then test it again

For apps, this is easy – simply download and have a good play around. For more major software, ask for a demo from their team along with a trial. Consider getting other members of your team to test it too – maybe those who are slightly less I.T. inclined to ensure it’ll work for everyone.

Worth a look

Here are a few time saving software options which all integrate beautifully with Xero.

  • WorkflowMax – created by Xero developers, this is a easy to use job management software that offers financial tracking, time tracking, quotes and invoices (just to name a few!). 
  • Hubdoc – allows you to easily capture bills and receipts reducing data entry and reconciliation and streamline financial document management. Integrated with Xero, Hubdoc turn bills and receipts into coded Xero transactions. More about Xero and Hubdoc. 
  • Insightly CRM – Insightly is a CRM package that imports your clients financial data from Xero to give you a more accurate picture of your clientele. 

For more options, check out the Xero Apps page.

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