Some business tips

Date: 27th November 2011

Its that time of year when our enthusiasm, excitement and energy levels may be wavering as we start to think about G and Ts in the garden, long summer days on the lake and a well deserved break being just around the corner. We decided to throw you some encouraging business tips to help spark some different thinking into you business approach, try these ideas on for size:

Ask someone on a date

Think about your existing network of clients, suppliers, staff and colleagues. Consider whom you don’t know that you’d like to get to know? Business is about relationships and relationships are about communication – pick up the phone and take someone on a business date!

A little thank you goes a long way

Start to think about some sincere ways to thank your staff for their hard work this year. Typically you’d be looking to give them the Christmas ham or a bottle of wine. Ramp up this year’s appreciation session with a hand written note singling out a memorable contribution they have made and deliver this with a ‘look ‘em in the eye’ expression of gratitude. It’ll work wonders!

Ask for feedback and listen

This is an easy one to pitch as people like to be asked their opinions. Illustrating that you aim for constant improvement and inviting others to have input is a two birds/one stone scenario. Basically if you ask in the right way not only are you getting valuable information about your business performance but as the ‘feedbackee’ you are also strengthening the business relationship by validating the opinion of the ‘feedbacker’. Simple!

Practice your pitch

Yep, the elevator pitch is an oldie but a goody! Yeah you wanna be able to tell people what it is you do in a precise but compelling way. Yep, you probably need some practice right!

Know what you don’t know

A useful consideration to make is to understand what you are good at and where you should get others in to help. Essentially this means if you are better off on the tools than balancing the books weigh up the option of getting a bookkeeper. It’s in the math! Does it make sense for example to have an administration task take you away from being the ‘technician’ in your business for twice as long as it would take to get a paperwork guru in? Yeah, nah…..

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