Solelab Wanaka – Jason Woolf

Jase is the passionate business owner of Solelab, who has found his niche in Wanaka. He has been keeping people in the sports they love, from the ground up, for over 30 years. Jase customises technical and functional footbeds to support your foot and body alignment. His products are made for golf, skiing, rugby, hiking, biking or any other sport and just for everyday life. Taking care of alignment from the sole of your foot up is a highly specialised craft. It’s also an important aspect of sports health to keep us all enjoying the Wanaka and Kiwi lifestyle! 

Jason moved to Wanaka in 2001. He came with experience and an interest in foot dynamics and the benefits of custom insoles after time spent working in the ski industry in Europe; he even has some North Island winters under his belt. Specialising in footbeds, feet and boot customisation provided a way to travel the world gaining further expertise and experience. With his feet firmly planted in Wanaka soil, he set up shop and has not looked back since. 

Here at Findlay Sidekick we have worked with Jase in his business since 2016. We are super impressed with his technical knowledge and passion for his business and clients; it has been a pleasure to watch his business go from strength to strength. Jase is always positive and focused on a high level of service and we are really pleased to be along with him for the ride.  

He says, “Working with the team at Findlay Sidekick has been awesome. They just make me feel really comfortable. They are exceptional and go out of their way to make sure I am happy.” Jase likened his mental picture of accountants to dentists, saying he used to think of this aspect of business as important, but likely to be a bit scary and a bit painful. He was quick to point out that these fears have disappeared and he is full steam ahead with Chris Waugh, working on business growth, compliance and day-to-day advice.  

Jase made a point of noting that Chris had made a call to check in during the initial stage of the Covid-19 outbreak. He loved that the Findlay team were proactive in checking in and making sure he was alright in uncertain times. He said, “Working with Chris and the team at Findlay Sidekick feels like family. When the coronavirus hit, we were able to chat through what might happen and discuss the government support that was available. He let me pick his brain and discuss what was going on. They are awesome.” 

Chris and the Findlay family are really delighted to work with business like Solelab. We are keen to help small businesses to thrive, or to adapt when lots of things change. We thank Jase for helping some of us with our feet and we look forward to working with him for many years to come. 

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