Snowing to Sea Level

Date: 18th June 2013

Today should be a bitterly cold day, as an Antarctic blast moves up the country.

More than 50cm of snow has fallen on mountains and skifields in the last couple of days and more is on the way, the Metservice says.

Road conditions around the region have been complicated – rock falls, surface flooding and the like – and roading and local authorities are urging travellers to keep up to date throughout the day with the latest conditions.

Metservice spokesman Daniel Corbett said yesterday that a slow moving low over the Tasman Sea has been responsible for the heavy rain and will continue to bring unsettled weather throughout the week.

Daniel says this paves the way for potentially significant snowfalls in various places, particularly in the south and east of the South Island and in central and northern parts of the North Island.

Large snowfalls inland of Canterbury are expected but snow may fall to near sea level from Southland to Kaikoura by Thursday.

Daniel says it is a very dynamic weather situation and details about where and how much snow may fall could change, so it is important to keep up to date.

This was published on 18th June 2013

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