Seven ways to streamline your trades business in a competitive market

Date: 22nd October 2014

Recent evidence shows that the Christchurch rebuild is expected to slow down and competition amongst tradies is heating up. So more now than ever, trades businesses in Canterbury and around the country have to be business savvy and streamline their systems.

This means keeping your systems in order – keeping an eye on cash-flow; staying on top of debtors; quoting and tracking jobs efficiently; actively looking for work on-line; managing health and safety systems and upskilling your business knowledge.

Let’s have a look at some useful apps, online resources and other ways to streamline your trades business and stay ahead of the competition:

1.  Keeping track of jobs on the go with mobile app GeoOp. It automates job and materials tracking, timesheets, invoicing and it even uses GPS to help you schedule jobs according to geographic location.

2.  If you’re looking for work, let your fingers do the walking. is a useful listing site that allows tradies to find and quote for jobs online. Think of it as a speed dating service that matches customers with appropriate tradespeople!

3.  In a tradies world, cash-flow is king and keeping the money flowing in means you can stay in business. Debtograph is a nifty little free app that integrates with your Xero accounting software that gives you a good handle on who owes you what.

4.  Convert your paper-based payroll system into a Xero-integrated free online payroll service with Thankyou Payroll. Super easy to set up and use. No more manual calculations and PAYE returns to do.

5.  With increasing emphasis by the government on work-site safety, you need to make sure your health & safety systems are up to scratch. Do it the easy way by talking to a specialist health & safety consultancy like Prosper.

6.  Our free Findlay & Co Workshops and Seminars take you through the basics, and the more advanced features of cloud-based accounting system Xero. We also have some great information sessions on the likes of:

-Understanding your financial reports

-ACC & Risk Business Insurance

-Legal rights and responsibilities

-Fire and General Insurance

-Credit Control/Management & Terms of Trade

-Terms of Trade/PPSR/PPSA

Check out our workshops and seminars coming up in Christchurch, Wanaka and Queenstown.

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