Rugby World Cup 2011

Date: 16th February 2011

Well it’s a mighty big year for rugby, a mighty big year for the All Blacks and a bloomin’ big year for New Zealand as we host the Rugby World Cup.

This Monday, Valentines Day incidentally, 60,000 fans from around the world who went into the ballot to ‘win’ tickets found out if they had their hands on a possible 15,000 available tickets to the final 3 matches. Contenders had no control over which seats they would win, that’s position and price. Congratulations letters were sent out to let the lucky folks know. So, if you haven’t received a golden ticket in the mail by now you had better start planning to get your mates around to the lounge grandstand!

FYI – Tickets can’t be bought or sold on Trade Me and scalping is a big no no, if caught you ticket could be cancelled!!

Worth noting is Inland Revenue has dedicated a page on their website that covers off any tax implications. This is for visitors, fans, employers, employees, players, officials, unions and any business related to the event. Nice work IRD, very efficient!

No doubt we will have more posts on the event in the lead up.


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