Ric Thorpe

Meet Ric, a trusty member of the Sidekick family since 2010! Well, he actually took a short break in 2012-13 returning to the media and design industry, but after 16 months he was drawn back to the incredible family-like team at Sidekick to spread the word of Fixed-Fee, Modern Accountancy across New Zealand.

Traditionally Ric has been at the front end of our businesses as our sales guy, out for countless coffees a day and driving 1000 kms per week! He knows every inch of SH1 and could drive it with his eyes closed.

Now Ric’s role is a mix between sales and consulting. Working with clients mostly to help them grow! His expertise lie in sales, establishing a strategy, pitching and most importantly, closing!  He can help your business sell more, with integrity!

Another key thing for Ric is culture, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is one of Ric’s mantras*. If you have the right people and they all have a common purpose along with respect and love for one another, your business should thrive!

As well as helping business owners take steps towards the greatness, you’ll also find Ric on the football field (although by his own admission, he’s getting, older, slower and heavier). He also enjoys spending his free time with his lovely wife and three gorgeous children in their very busy active lifestyle, living in Pegasus, north of Christchurch.

*Not actually Ric’s mantra, a phrase originated by Peter Drucker and made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford, is an absolute reality!

Email ric@sidekickca.co.nz
Tel 021 708 255

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