Respect for Re-builders in Christchurch

Date: 12th November 2013

With the huge rebuild of Christchurch underway we take a look at some of our clients who are working hard in the thick of it, digging drains, laying tiles, and creating new homes.  They talk about how Findlay and Co are helping them take care of the numbers so they can concentrate on the big stuff.

RB Building Ltd

RB Building

RB Building Ltd was founded on a desire to build quality houses rather than do things in a rush.  From humble beginnings where Odette assisted Rod by holding trusses on-site as well as taking care of project management and accounts administration, they now have several successful ‘spec’ and client builds under their belts.  Rod still handles most of the building work but with the help of subbies and labourers Odette has been relieved of her manual duties and can concentrate on project management and running the business behind the scenes.

Odette says:

I have found Findlay and Co way more proactive than our former accountant who just looked after the end of year accounts.  It’s not all about figures.  Scott has helped us establish goals and we have quarterly meetings to stay on track as well as analyse our end of year financials.

We now have new, more efficient tools including Xero and the new tracking ability helps me manage our projects.   I don’t have to search through Excel spreadsheets to find information.

Findlay & Co are easy to communicate with – I can phone at any time for help with issues. Scott makes a trip to Christchurch once a fortnight and is happy to visit us in Darfield.   Scott knows what the building industry is about.

I rate them!

Alan Hemingway Tiling


Alan Hemingway Tiling has a bright future.  Alan’s workmanship is such that a judge from Master Builders ‘House of Year’ rated his work as the best they had seen, certainly an achievement to be proud of.   Having been in business in Christchurch for over 13 years, Alan and Rachael are committed to the rebuild of the city and they are making it happen, tile by tile!

Rachael says:

The big difference with Findlay and Co is their communication and cost efficiency.

They are approachable. I can ring Sonya and have a coffee with her without discussing business.  It sounds corny but she has become a friend more than just my accountant!  If I phone them there is always someone there and I like that they will phone us to discuss the business and schedule regular meetings.

The set price structure gives us peace of mind and encourages us to communicate freely without seeing the dollar signs flashing!  



Hamish and Kim’s approach is a well-rounded combination of good old-fashioned honest and reliable workmanship and state-of-the-art technology.  They have been in business in Christchurch for more than a decade and are experts in clearing, laying and unblocking drains and sewer cleaning.

Kim says:

We switched to Findlay and Co at the beginning of the year and we love our new accounting software, Xero.  We’re really pleased we made the switch.  Although I haven’t used the software to its full potential yet, I’m now able to take care of the accounts more fully and I know that in the long term it is going to provide much better reporting and tracking capabilities.  Wayne is very easy going and approachable – not an ‘in-the-office-type’ person, easy to talk to and easy to get hold of.





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