Quick Tip: View contact emails in Xero

Date: 27th November 2017

Here’s a neat way to see all your customers’ and suppliers’ information in one place. Simply connect your Gmail or Office 365 account to view emails to and from your contacts, directly in Xero.

How to add emails to contacts

You can save emails to a contact’s Activity tab, add an email to a new invoice, quote, or bill, and download attachments to the contact record. Watch this quick video to see details:

Take the work out of adding new contacts

Minimise data entry and eradicate typos when you’re adding new contacts. Import contacts directly to Xero, or add them one at a time. Enter the business name and let Xero autofill their business details directly.

Need more help with Xero?

Three ways we can help answer your Xero questions:

  • Join the Xero Small Business Collective on Facebook. It’s a forum for everyone interested in growing their business with cloud accounting software. Check it out here.
  • Look out for new Xero Workshops starting in February 2018. Every month we will run a one to two hour workshop focusing on a key area of Xero knowledge including reporting, budgeting, invoicing and quotes. Workshop details will be posted on our events page soon.
  • Get in contact with us, we’re happy to help.

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