Queenstown News: New Accommodation & New Job Opportunities

Date: 2nd May 2018

We all know that is Queenstown is a town on the move. As tourists, celebrities and others flock to the region to stay and live, we are seeing new developments and opportunities arise. Here are a couple of recent examples.

Pod Accommodation

Jucy Pod hotel room

With the growing demand and pricing of accommodation in Queenstown, the hottest new budget accommodation option could be the Jucy pod-style hotel.

The Jucy Snooze hotel is a budget accommodation offering aimed at 18-35 year old travellers that costs around $50/night. The hotel provides 250 beds all within walking distance of the downtown bars and shops.

Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult says the venture is fantastic. “They don’t need a rental car to go anywhere. And getting vehicles off the road in our town is very important to us. A lot of people spend less on accommodation, but they still spend on activities and food and wines and the like.”

Could this signal a trend in the growing tourism market in the Queenstown Lakes District?

Kim Dotcom seeks live-in staff

And for those looking at staying in the region longer term, Queenstown’s newest celebrity resident, internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, is offering an assortment of live-in job opportunities.

Mr Dotcom put a call out on Twitter to Queenstowners (or would be Queenstowners) that he’s seeking an assortment of staff, including a Michelin star chef, DJ, a counter-intelligence professional, a German teacher and a Zeppelin pilot.

Who’s keen?

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