Plastic bag ban: is your business ready?

Date: 17th March 2019

As you are probably aware, mainstream supermarkets in New Zealand have made a shift away from providing customers with single use plastic shopping bags and as of 1 July 2019 the ban on plastic bags will become mandatory. This will cover single use plastic bags by all retailers, from dairies, takeaway shops and retail chains to local markets, even online business and not-for-profit organisations.

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New Zealanders want less waste

According to recent research by the Ministry of Environment (Ministry for the Environment’s Environmental Attitudes research):

  • New Zealanders rate the need to reduce waste as one of the biggest issues facing our country
  • 91% of New Zealanders say they always or often bring their own bags rather than grabbing a plastic bag when shopping
  • Over 40% of New Zealanders would go so far as to pay more to avoid waste.

Show customers you care

You can be a responsible producer, brand owner, importer, retailer or consumer through product stewardship. This means we all accept responsibility for reducing a product’s environmental impact.

The move away from plastic shopping bags could help your business show your customers your shared commitment to reducing waste and protecting our environment. Here are some ideas for how retailers and other businesses can support reduction of waste:

  • Stock reusable shopping bags that customers can purchase. Plastic Bag Free Wanaka sell their signature cloth bags through local retailers.
  • Make packaging boxes available to customers who forget, or don’t have their own reusable bags
  • Stock/produce products that use responsible packaging or products that are not sold in packaging at all (eg, bulk products sold in BYO refillable containers)
  • Stock/produce durable products that last the distance and won’t be thrown out after a short period

Find out more about

What our local Wanaka community, consumers and retailers, are doing to help reduce waste at Plastic Bag Free Wanaka.

The phase out of single-use plastic shopping bags

Product stewardship in New Zealand

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