Phillippa Findlay

Client Manager, B Com, CA

Phillippa is a Chartered Accountant and senior member of team. Her strengths uphold the Sidekick philosophy to ‘Keep it Simple’. She is responsible for preparing compliance and management reports. She is able to set up smart systems to help clients manage their accounting easily. Phillippa has long-term clients in her portfolio that she has worked with for many years; she has knowledge of their businesses and has built strong client relationships. Phillippa is known for her friendly yet meticulous nature when it comes to accounting.

Phillippa is a driven woman who attacks accounting and outdoor pursuits with passion.  Phillippa is a straight shooter and a logical smart thinker. Phillippa is a smart cookie and an amazing goal achiever.

Phillippa’s specially areas include:  Family Trusts and Trades/Construction

Tel 03 443 4417 ext 717

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