Pembroke Wines – Nadia & Troy Davidson

Nadia and Troy Davidson are the owners of Pembroke Wines and Spirits here in Wanaka. The business is a local haven where people can meet friends, enjoy good banter and take time to relax from the Wanaka hustle. The lounge is wonderfully inviting and the atmosphere is designed for catching up with mates. The feeling is warm and welcoming; Pembroke Wines and Spirits is a Wanaka gem!

Nadia and Troy purchased the business in 2018 and settled into the Wanaka community and into life on dry land. The couple had spent 20 years travelling the world working on super yachts; Troy worked as a chef and Nadia in the hosting and service departments. After some time raising their young family, their background in high-end hospitality, wine and fine dining sparked their interest in taking on this new project. Nadia says, “my youngest was heading off to school and I was looking for a new adventure and a new chapter. Our background in wine and hospitality meant Pembroke Wines and Spirits appealed to us and the timing was right.”

Nadia and Troy worked with Scott Findlay right from the start to set things up. Nadia says, “being new business owners, with a land-based business, we wanted to set things up with good financial systems. We worked with Scott to set up the systems and we worked with all the Sidekick team to get underway. They were with us every step of the way.”

Nadia is a hugely energetic; she is originally from Bulgaria and after spending two decades on the sea, she is happy to be putting down roots and adjusting to life in a small town. Nadia has put her energy into setting the business up right from the start. She and Troy have taken the time to get to know the local market in order to deliver a unique service that suits their skill set. They have established themselves as new owners and are now strategically moving the business forward.

“We have a solid focus on business development and Johnathan Brass from Sidekick has been an asset in this. We meet with him monthly and he advises us as we move forward. We started by looking deeper into specific areas of the business: stock management, margins and pricing. We also work on developing goals and working towards them.”

Nadia and Troy have taken on a business package at Findlay Sidekick that includes compliance, tax advice and business advisory, and we have enjoyed seeing their successes and achievements in a relative short time.

Working hand in hand with the team at Sidekick, Nadia and Troy are looking to develop key areas of their business. They are progressing the business in line with their personal goals and the demands of the local market. Troy continues to moonlight as a chef on the superyachts from time to time but you will find Nadia firmly anchored in Pembroke Wines and Spirits, welcoming locals into the fold. We suggest you pop in, say hi, and raise a glass to Wanaka living. Cheers to that.

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