Paddon Rally Sport Ltd – Hayden Paddon

We were chuffed to catch up with our client Hayden Paddon just after he won the Otago Rally at the weekend. We expected him to be tired and resting but he says life is way too busy. He said “You have to brush off the post-rally blues and get straight back into it”.

We have worked with Hayden on his business, Paddon Rally Sport Ltd, for two years. Hayden says his business is to “support the technical development of motorsport”. The Paddon Rally Sport team do repairs, custom builds, car leasing, training, car track support and car transport. They work at Highlands in Cromwell, assisting local motorsport competitors and Highlands’ members with repairs, maintenance and development. But the EV is his pride and joy.

In 2018 Hayden searched out some of the brightest young engineers and technicians to begin a project to construct one of the first EV rally cars in the world. He says, “The repairs and custom work make the wheels go around, but the development of the EV (electric vehicle) is the flagship project. We approached Canterbury University seeking out young minds that understood our long-term vision, had a passion for motor sport, and were keen to join a start-up. They bring fresh thinking. They are really committed and work really hard”.

Hayden works with Scott Findlay and Chris Waugh on his accounts. He says, “They made it really easy; there is never any drama. They are quick and friendly and fast to respond. They help me balance my job and my life.”

Here at Findlay Sidekick we love being part of this story; we love innovation, new ideas and technology changing the landscape. Our work with Hayden is simple, but we love being just a small part of this Kiwi ingenuity story.

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