Optum Plumbing – Kevin Henderson

Kevin founded Optum Plumbing in 1996. He has a reputation for being professional and customer focused. Kevin has a passion for environmental and renewable energy technologies and has invested significantly in understanding and delivering the best systems to meet his customers’ requirements and ensure their homes are comfortable and energy efficient.

Kevin’s main role within the business is advisory and as Optum’s customer consultant for architects and homeowners he helps them to create great total plumbing & heating solutions. Kevin was once a semi-professional footballer and is now a keen marathon participant. Here at Findlay and Co we love this kind of drive!

We asked Kev the best thing about working with Findlay and Co, here is what he said:

“Findlay & Co really spent the time to get to know our business, what our goals are and what we want to achieve with our business. When they had that understanding, they were able to set the right structures and accounting packages to suit our needs and set about helping us focus on the financials and trends. This has been invaluable as we have grown our business.

“The whole team is really approachable, friendly and keen to help us achieve our goals. They respond quickly to calls and emails and their knowledge with Xero has helped our admin team understand their way around the software.

“Findlay & Co have helped us to grow our business by focusing on the financials and using “Spotlight” at the end of each month to keep an eye on the trends as they happen in real time and not at the end of the year when it might be too late to make the changes you need to make. We recently bought another business and used the expertise of Wayne and his team to go through the financials and business possibilities. This allowed us to make a decision based on fact and not fiction and to put a value on the purchase of that business. A year on and the numbers have all stacked up just as Wayne predicted they would!

“I believe that it does not matter what stage you are at with your business it is absolutely necessary to have the financials carried out regularly and backed up with the right knowledge and actions to take to keep on the right path. Findlay and Co has helped me understand what the numbers mean, which ones to focus on, and that there are no stupid questions. Their friendly manner and willingness to help make it easy for any of my team to call and get the answers they need.”

When we asked Kev to give us two words to describe Wayne he said: Honesty and Integrity. Keep up the great work Kev and thanks for the kind words!

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