Networking the best way to grow new business

Date: 24th May 2015

Want to grow your business through word of mouth and networking? Then consider the largest networking organisation in the world, BNI (Business Network International). BNI is a business and professional referral organisation whose primary purpose is to exchange qualified business referrals and develop word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

Unlike other networking groups, BNI provides its members with a structure and a plan to enable them to network in a deliberate and professional manner. As an organisation BNI keeps track of the number of referrals passed by each chapter and encourages the members to record the dollar value of the business they receive.

Givers gain

“Referral work is the best source of new work and BNI gives members a structured way to refer work from potential new clients to other members. The amount of work referred through BNI more than pays off membership fees many times over. Also, it is good fun and we learn lots from each other,” say Mike Toepher of Aspiring Law.

Becoming a member of BNI is a bit like instantly acquiring a new team of salespeople who are looking for opportunities for your business. Over time with the nurturing and support of your fellow BNI members, results happen.

Keen to find out more?

Watch this video featuring some of the successful businesses involved in BNI in New Zealand.  And if you’d like to try out BNI, talk to us, or any of the Wanaka businesses listed below.

Wanaka BNI Members

Read more about BNI in Wanaka in the latest issue of the Wanaka Sun.





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