More Local Companies Taking it to the World

Date: 15th October 2013


In an earlier blog we talked about some of our local innovative companies (like the people who brought the Monsie and the Global Cutter to the world) but there are so many others who are making and doing great things in our little town.  Here’s another list of local people with specialised skills and passion doing interesting things and producing niche products, at both a local and global level.

Tim Pierce Director Cinematographer and Photographer – while Tim is based in Wanaka and does much of his work here, he travels the world frequently with his clients such as Atomic, The North Face, Red Bull, Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand.  One of his recent jobs was filming the US Snowboard Team at Cardrona for the New York Times.

Jamie Roy – Jamie is a great example of the ‘brain drain’ in reverse: a Kiwi that acquired specialist knowledge with industry leaders overseas and (thankfully!) brought it back to NZ.  His skills include social media marketing, coaching and public speaking.

The Slammer Tool – in a world full of mass produced products it is refreshing to see a Wanaka-made, eco-friendly, value-for-money tool.  And you just have to love their enthusiasm!…

….this job was a bet that I could not remove 2 Douglas Fir stumps that were 40 years old. It was going to cost $500.00 for a digger to come and remove them. The digger driver bet me 2 crates of beer that I could not do it … I slammed and slammed until I got one side cut and dug out, then used The Slammer to push the stump into the area I dug and cut the roots on the other side. Got it out! The digger driver appeared with his big toy and I was on to the second stump and moving through it. When he saw the rocks and the roots he said “Glad it’s not my digger doing that”. Second stump out, cold beer in hand off to the lake for a swim.

Tallon Systems – here’s a company you would most likely expect to see based in the industrial area of a large city, but they have chosen Wanaka as their base.  And why not?  Their main audience is online.  And their products (a socket and accessory system that includes iPad & tablet holders, iPhone & smartphone holders, GoPro holders, GPS holders, cup holders, rod holders and dive tank holders) are easily shipped from Wanaka all around the world.

Swift Fly Fishing – you may have to be a fanatical fisherman to appreciate the Epic build-your-own custom fly fishing rods which they claim are “absolutely gorgeous”!  But you don’t have to be a fishing geek to see these guys are doing a great job of beautifully presenting and selling niche fishing products online – their webpage includes a well written blog and fantastic video footage.

Surf Wanaka – very much in the category of ‘watch this space’, Surf Wanaka is surfing junkie Aaron Jackson’s vision to create an artificial wave using Wave Garden technology.  He is currently looking for investors and for like-minded individuals interested in helping to get this project off the ground.

Snowsports NZ – while not a local company as such, it is worth a mention.  As the national body that promotes snow sports and elite snow sport athletes in New Zealand and overseas, we think it is fantastic that their base is right here in Wanaka.  More proof that you can have a world class career in a small town.

Do you know other people with great ideas and businesses (big or small) in our little corner of the world?  Please let us know!

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