Money Makeover…NZ bills to get facelift

Date: 25th July 2011

It’s been more than a decade since NZ has given our banknotes a little makeover. The National Reserve Bank has announced their plans for the revamp after conducting research in 2010.

On the whole, it was found that NZ consumers and businesses were happy with the current notes. This will mean the key elements of the notes will remain the same; however, new notes will also have added security feature.

New Zealand Governor Alan Bollard has confirmed the changes. ”We will not be making significant changes to the overall theme of the notes themselves,” Dr Bollard said. ”This includes continuing to use the five respected individuals currently depicted on our notes.”

In 1999 we saw the notes switch from a traditional paper made cotton notes to the longer lasting, harder to forge polymer propylene made notes. Despite the material swap a decade ago and the soon to come “refresh” of the notes, we will still see the same familiar faces of Queen Elizabeth, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Apirana Ngata, Kate Sheppard and Lord Rutherford.

The new notes, which will be introduced in late 2014 will feature a slightly older Queen on the $20 bill. The illustration above gives a teaser of what Queen Elizabeth’s makeover on the $20 bill might look like.

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