Metamed – Jin Ong

We recently caught up with Jin Ong from MetaMed Osteopath in Wanaka. We love talking with Jin; she is a powerhouse in the health and wellbeing department, an inspiration, (you may remember this story we wrote about Together Retreat) and she has the type of ambition we love here at Findlay Sidekick.

We met Jin when she set up here business here in Wanaka in 2016. We knew straight away that her business would thrive in Wanaka. MetaMed practitioners are highly skilled osteopaths and chiropractors who bridge the gap between conventional and mind-body medicine. And Jin is not only an Osteopath, herbalist, western acupuncturist and psychosomatic therapist; she is driven, creative and ambitious when it comes to business.

So, when we asked her how things had gone with Findlay Sidekick she was very excited to tell us about her journey. Jin said, “It has been amazing.” She continued, “They approach my business like me, with a growth mindset; it has been incredible to plan for the future and figure out how to get there in a different way. They really support my business and help me drive it to be successful. It was just incredible from the outset.”

During the time we have worked with Jin the business has expanded into Queenstown. We have worked alongside her to manage the growth of her business, and to match her enthusiasm and drive with smart planning and good financial management. We have been alongside Jin through Covid, about which she said, “They have been checking in on me and my business to see how I am tracking. They have been so accessible to answer questions and support me through this strange time.”

Working with Jin and MetaMed has been enormously enjoyable for the team at Findlay Sidekick. We love her creativity in business, looking at unique ways to do things and keeping the core values of the business at the forefront. Most of all we love her energy and enthusiasm for business. Jin’s success is built not only on passion but also on results; her reputation has grown quickly and loyal customers mean that appointments and treatment are sought after.

Ultimately we know good business is about delivering a world-class service or product. Jin does this with energy and a smile, and we look forward to working with her on the next step up!

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