Metalworks Wanaka – Jen and Steve Rumore

We recently chatted with Jen and Steve Rumore about their business, Metalworks Wanaka. Jen and Steve, originally from the USA, took on Metalworks Wanaka in October 2017. Since then, they have built on a solid foundation to make the business their own. At the heart of it, they take metal and fabricate functional, restorative or artistic work. They repair, imagine, fix, dream up and fabricate metal structures designed to make everyday life better. They have literally sculpted a fulfilling and successful business.

The breadth of the team’s skills is astounding. No matter the purpose of the work, Steve and his team balance form and function, art and aesthetics. Each piece is crafted with the end goal in mind. They apply their metal-shaping skills across a myriad of products and services. They produce highly functional products, welding and fabricating anything from handles to firewood holders to trailers for tiny houses, or custom replacement parts for just about anything. They apply their talents to make anything that anyone would need!

On the flipside, they apply this creativity to designing and constructing custom or bespoke pieces of metal artwork. Animals and nature feature heavily in the sculptures, which can be life-sized or oversized. Each piece features multiple textures and shapes. Their forte is the ability to design and form small sculptures to beyond life size in scale pieces. The magic lies in the artful balance of aesthetics, structural integrity and originality. They are engineers with artistic flair.

The business is successful because the operations suit both Jen’s and Steve’s individual skills down to the ground. Steve, clearly a master metalworker, is in his element when he has engaged both sides of his brain. Craftsmanship in metalwork requires creativity and technical skills in equal measure. Jen brings a business and marketing eye to the team; together, alongside their highly capable team, they form a formidable business we are delighted to work with.

Outside of operations Jen and Steve enjoy business strategy and mapping goals. They have worked with Johnny here at Findlay Sidekick. They said this work with Johnny helped them to sharpen their focus and hone in on system and process efficiencies to increase profitability. They were delighted to show Johnny around the workshop so he could gain an intimate understanding of what they do and they note this visit as a highlight of working with the Wanaka’s Findlay Sidekick team. Jen says, “The fact that our accountant visited our business and took a genuine interest in what we do spoke volumes for us. In all of our years in business we have not experienced that level of care.”

We asked Jen how they located the Findlay Sidekick team. She let us know it was through one of our Training Seminars and that she felt that the education and community level approach really suited their business and ethos. Jen and Steve work with Anna Jopp and Scott Findlay and Jen says, “They have really helped us to look ahead; they are kind and always responsive. We have really enjoyed working with them.”

We agree with the sentiment, Jen; it has been fun to watch your business flourish and we are always interested to see what new ideas you come up with in the workshop and in the business. We love working with Metalworks Wanaka, they turn imagination into metal.


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