Meet Hayley Hobson

Date: 18th January 2019

We are delighted to introduce you to Hayley Hobson, your new Accountant. As you know, Laurinda moved on late last year and we have been waiting until Hayley landed on our shores in order to introduce you! Hayley joins us as a Client Manager; she brings with her a stunning career story, a young family and a whole lot of aspirations to tackle the Wanaka lifestyle.

Hayley is a Chartered Accountant, and even though she is a Kiwi, she has practised in London and Sydney for the past 18 years. She has a methodical nature, and being organised and orderly serves her well in her accountant work. At the heart of it Hayley enjoys helping people set goals, make smart plans and to ultimately succeed in their business and personal lives. Hayley is excited about helping businesses to thrive.

Hayley has been visiting Wanaka to ski for the past 7 and a half years. Joined by her husband and two small girls (3 and 4 years old), she is looking forward to hitting the slopes with the family. Like many of us, the lifestyle has drawn her to the Southern Lakes District. Hayley plans to get stuck into hot yoga, road running and, it’s a secret, but she plans to take up golf with the intention of beating her husband with some sneaky sideline lessons. Now, this is something we can get behind.

Hayley and her family have put down permanent roots; they have settled into their new home here in Wanaka. Her husband Steven, a keen cricketer will join the local league and work remotely from hometown Wanaka.

Even though Hayley has only been here a few of days, she is one of the team already. Hayley has lots of energy; she likes numbers and brings a little international flair to our team. To prove it, she has 3 passports, her kids and husband have 5 passports….each!! She is enthusiastic, fun and an incredible professional. We are stoked to have Hayley here at Findlay Sidekick.

Hayley will be in touch with you shortly and she would also love to hear from you. She is available to say hi, have a coffee or visit your business to start to talk about plans for this year.

You can contact Hayley directly on 03-443-4417 extension 716 or drop her an email

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