Lights, camera, Spotlight…Check out our new partner

Date: 11th July 2011

We’re pretty excited to give you the run-down on our latest client, Spotlight Reporting. Basically, Spotlight provides awesome, easy to use financial support for your personal finances or your business.

Have a wizard do your importing for you. Xero has an easy-import tool, which uses Spotlight’s Wizard. Quick. Easy. The wizard, shall we call him Merlin… will import your client data from Xero securely. The Spotlight Reporting interface then allows you to amend and sort the Xero data and to add non-financial data too. Simple and Sweet. Thanks Merlin.

Customize your ride. Business ride that is. Spotlight has a hefty bag of tricks and templates for start-ups, micro businesses all the way up to advanced options for high-growth and larger organisations. Customisation options are extensive – add or amend data, report pages, charts, advisor commentary and more. They’re tried, tested and have been for years. The kind of thing you like to hear.

Share the love. Spotlight reports are made to be shared. Whether you are discussing performance with a business owner, Board or CFO, Spotlight Reporting allows you to present via PDF, email or online. That’s one last thing to make your life easier.

You get your own wizard; a customized ride and you get to share the love. Like we said, they’re awesome and they’re with us.

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