It’s got your name on it…literally

Date: 29th June 2011

We’ve got the Internet. We check our emails on our fly-phones and our crack-berries. We communicate in nano-seconds. We are living through technology of the future. With all this time spent looking forward, have we forgotten the little ghosts of business past that will stand as the immortal staples of networking?

I’m talking about a little piece of card stock with your name on it. That’s right. Business cards.

We’ve come a long way from the standard black and white rectangle with a name, office number and address. The business cards of today are incorporating modern creativity and technology into clever and memorable pieces of art.

Here, take a look at 100 fresh, innovative and brilliantly designed business cards that make a lasting impression. Who knows, in 20 years we may be exchanging info subconsciously through mindreading droids on the Deathstar…but until then, here is a little inspiration for yourself and your business.

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