Is it time to get a job management system for your construction business?

Date: 22nd June 2015

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Apparently over half of construction industry businesses are still using pen and paper or time consuming spreadsheets for job management. If your construction business in this situation it may be time to take things to the next level. As your business grows and you take on larger scale projects, manual methods are going to become inefficient and ineffectual. Consider a job management system to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

What to consider when choosing a system

  • Understand your workflow – take some time to read WorkflowMax Implementation 101: Scope your business to get an idea of the questions you should ask yourself.
  • Understand your business goals. Choose software that is going to help you achieve these goals and support your business at different stages of growth.
  • Consider a cloud-based option – with desktop software you’ll face additional costs when the time comes to upgrade.
  • Consider a software system that offers a pricing system that can be scaled to suit your business as it flexes to workload demand.
  • Consider add-ons, integrations and customisation. This means looking at what other applications will work in with this software to give you a customised solution. For example, do you need your new software to integrate with your accounting system?
  • Create a list of must-have features and check them off against the software. The features you need may include the ability to produce accurate estimates, materials lists, job costings and time sheets. You may consider mobile access important.

Christchurch construction company example

When Andy Bean joined Christchurch earthworks contracting business, Polcon, he had a fair bit of groundwork to do himself to get the business finances under control. The company had a huge workload and was very profitable – but he had no way of seeing where it was that the business was actually making money.

The owners were a husband and wife team who were doing everything themselves and were completely overwhelmed. “The owner is entrepreneurial and has an instinct for numbers, but it was all in his head. The business didn’t have any job-specific reporting, so nothing was being accurately measured”.

“We needed to be able to back-cost jobs, because I didn’t know whether projects were profitable and I didn’t know costs apportioned across a range of jobs. I wanted to get more granular on how much time we spent labour-wise and then how much we spent on materials.”

“Now with WorkflowMax, in just the click of a button I can bring up a job profit report, job lists, a whole bunch of data. It generates the information in real time, which is fantastic. I can look at a job and say, ‘Actually, we made 5% profit, or we lost 5%’ – and we never had that visibility before.”

More information

This article is adapted from a blog and case study from WorkflowMax

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