Innovative Wanaka startup launches social media app

Date: 5th November 2015

In past blogs we’ve talked about the balancing act of living in Wanaka. On one hand you have the many lifestyle benefits of the Central Otago region: the lakes and mountains, the outdoor pursuits, the cafes, the relaxed pace of life, and all the plusses associated with small-town living. On the other hand, if you moved to Wanaka from the city, it might be that you’ve not only down-sized in busyness and traffic hassles, but you’ve also down-sized in income and job opportunities.

That is why it’s refreshing to see smart people creating their own opportunities and starting up innovative businesses in this region. We’re always pleasantly surprised by how many varied and interesting businesses and businesspeople there are around. Read about some of them here:

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A really good example emerged recently, a tech startup, the type that you would normally expect to see in Silicon Valley, not Wanaka.  It’s a company founded by Wanaka local, Hamish McGregor, who has designed a social media app called kin2kin. And they’ve developed it right here in downtown Wanaka!

kin2kin testing

Wanaka local, Brian Thomas, testing the new kin2kin app, with one of the developers, Kristi Lee.

So what is kin2kin?

Kin2kin is not designed as a replacement for Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.  It has a different purpose. You will still use phone or video chat for live conversations. You may still use SMS and chat apps for quick updates and exchanges. You will still use Facebook or Instagram for friends and some of your family.

Kin2kin is a new type of social media app that aims to bring families together in a private networking environment, with an emphasis on building a direct relationship between the youngest and oldest family members.

For non-tech grandparents, it’s a simple and private environment to have a direct relationship with grandchildren, or simply a live set of family photos. In a network set by the parents, it’s also a safe and accessible social media environment for children, even those too young for regular social media channels.

It works for privacy conscious parent in that it’s a closed network of family who must be approved by the parent before they gain access to the children. It even works with blended families with divorced parents or grandparents.

The kin2kin app is free in iTunes (available for iOS right now, Android version coming soon). Interested? We are, we’re giving it a go, not only because it’s a great idea but we want to see first-hand what people in this town are capable of.

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