Handy Business Apps to Make Your Job Easier

Date: 26th August 2013

Access anywhere.

Practically all of us have a smart phone or mobile device on our person during our waking hours so why not put it to work and increase your productivity during the working day?  Firstly, here are some apps that work with Xero accounting software:

Xero Mobile – view your accounts, create and send invoices, chase up outstanding invoices, snap a picture of receipts, submit expense claims and more.

Receipt Bank – this handy app extracts your expense receipt information – supplier, the date, the invoice number, the currency, tax, the total amount – by using the camera on your phone and transfers it to Excel or Xero. 

Harvest – a good one for professionals and tradespeople, this is a time tracking and expense logging tool that integrates with Xero invoicing.

Here are some others recommended by The Rough Guide to the Best Android Apps by Andrew Clare, 2012 (an I-Phone version of this book and most of these apps are available too):

Drop Box – a free service that syncs your files on all your mobile and desktop devices and comes with 2G of cloud storage.  Upgrade your storage capacity with a monthly subscription.

Call Track – this app keeps a log of phone activity and sends a record to your Google Calendar. 

Adobe Connect Mobile – host and attend online meetings with two-way video conferencing, live text chat, content and screen share.  You can share presentations, documents and multimedia content.

Scanthing – use your phone’s camera to capture a hard copy, such as a newspaper article, and convert it to editable text.

Evernote – keeps track of your ideas, reminders and notes by enabling you to send text and audio notes to yourself, upload photos, scanned text and other files, tag them and access them on all your devices. Integrates with Google calendar.

A couple more ‘off the wall’ apps that may or may not be what you’re in need of:

Stop Procrastination – a self-hypnosis audio app to help you stay focused and stop procrastinating!

Transparent Screen – for those who like to multi-task – by using your phone’s camera to make your screen transparent this app allows you to see what’s in front of you as you walk and text or mess around on your phone!

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