GigatownWanaka: not just a hashtag

Date: 7th November 2013

In earlier blogs (Innovative businesses in Wanaka and More local companies taking it to the world) we talked about the many innovative Wanaka-based businesses – the likes of Tim Pierce, Jamie Roy, Mons Royale, Tallon Systems and Development Snowparks.  These businesses, which notably are not directly tourism-related, could be seen as an indication that Wanaka is becoming a career destination, not just a lifestyle and tourist destination.

But while this transition is happening, how many intelligent and hard-working people do you know that have relocated to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Australia because they couldn’t find a quality career option in Wanaka?

There are many business people that would love to be based in Wanaka, people skilled in industries such as software development, online marketing and retail, film, television and education, if only it was a little bit easier to do business from this relatively remote location.  We know that Wanaka is an attractive place to live and bring up a family but what if there was something that made Wanaka a more attractive place to work?  Where a wide range of businesses could flourish, we could enjoy the benefits of sustainable growth and prosperity while still preserving our small town, outdoors quality lifestyle?

Perhaps if Wanaka was to become ‘Gigatown’, the first town in the Southern Hemisphere able to access a one gigabit per second (1Gbps) internet connection (approximately 100x faster than we currently have), we may be one step closer to this goal. 

Chorus is running a 10 month competition to decide who should be the chosen ‘Gigatown’.  They’re looking for the town that wants it the most, i.e. the town with the loudest voice on social media.  Points are earned by using your town’s official hashtag in posts and comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress and Flickr.

So if you want to get behind Wanaka’s own campaign, #GigatownWanaka, here’s what you can do:

  1. Make your vote count by registering here and then click on ‘join up’.  You will be sent an email asking you to activate your registration and choose your town.  Be sure to select ‘Wanaka’ from the drop down menu!
  2. On Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr all you need to do to earn points is use your #GigaTownWanaka or #GigaTownWka hashtags.   Even a retweet counts.
  3. On Facebook, though, they’ll only be looking for #GigatownWanaka or #GigaTownWka hashtags on only the official Gigatown Wanaka Facebook Page.  Hashtags on personal and business pages don’t count.  The Gigatown Wanaka Facebook Page is the best place to keep up with what is going on during the campaign and take part in the action.
  4. For WordPress and Tumblr blogs sites you will have to nominate your website URL on the Gigatown website.

Here are some upcoming get-togethers that give you more information:

Presentation on the Benefits of Next Generation Fibre (UFB)
12.00 noon – 1.00pm, Friday 8th November

Summit Room, Edgewater

Victoria Crone, General Manager Marketing and Communications for Chorus will be giving a presentation on the benefits of Next Generation Fibre (UFB) for the Wanaka Business Community. Victoria will also tell us more about the Gigatown Competition.

Imagine Wanaka – Powering Innovation.
7.30pm, Wednesday 13th November
Gin and Raspberry bar
Join the conversation of innovation in Wanaka.  The purpose of the event is to gather like-minds and different thinking.  Interactive by design, Imagine Wanaka will be a structured discussion, drawing on the rich imagination of the community, to kick the idea of innovation around.  Speakers Jonathan Duncan, Otago Polytechnic – Centre for Research Expertise CoRE Coordinator – Business Improvement.  Jamie Roy will also be talking about GigatownWanaka

#GigatownWanaka Training Event
5:00 – 6:00pm, Monday 11th November 2013
Mt Upton Lodge, 28 Upton St, Wanaka

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