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Date: 3rd May 2017

If you’re a young chef setting up your first restaurant, or a builder starting a new construction business, you may know a lot about cooking food or building houses. But you may not know much about setting up a company, employing staff, or filling out GST returns.

Let’s face it, with so many rules and government regulations to understand and follow, setting up and running a business is tough. There’s rules around health and safety, managing employees, fulfilling tax obligations, protecting intellectual property, company structure, and more… how can you keep on top of your responsibilities?

Compliance Matters tool

We’ve just came across a neat tool that can help your business stay on top of the relevant rules.  The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment have released the Compliance Matters online tool that will assist you in discovering what requirements apply to your business.

As well as learning more about each requirement, you’ll be able to quickly create and save a checklist which you can email to yourself.

How it works

1. Go to the MBIE website, and select the subjects you want to learn about, select your industry and business structure.

So if you’re a builder setting up a construction business, you might check out the following:

  • Licencing and Registering – to learn about how to register a company with the Companies Office and transfer ownership of a personal vehicle to the business.
  • Workplace Health and Safety – to understand more about managing risks.
  • Taxes and Levies – to learn how to register for GST, and file GST returns.

If you’re opening a restaurant, you might find the following information useful:

  • Hiring Staff – to find out about employment obligations, minimum wages and building employment contracts.
  • Licencing and Registering – to check on Council rules for building work.
  • Tax and Levies – to budget for paying ACC levies.

2. You can then save your list:

3. and email it to yourself to use as a checklist:

Need more help?

Whether you’re a client or not, whether you’re new to business or not, we’re here to help. Contact us to set up a free, no obligation consultation and we can talk you through some ideas for your business.






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