General Election 2011

Date: 20th February 2011

Well the date for the General Election has been set for November 26th and was announced early. A nice no- nonsense approach from Key we think.

However a day after making this announcement Key got all sorts of heckling for his catwalk malarkey when he was asked to model the uniforms to the Rugby World Cup volunteers. He responded:

“I responded to the crowd last week, I was having a bit of fun, but I shouldn’t have done that in my view, that was probably a bit stupid,” he told Breakfast on TV One.

“But unfortunately I get put in a gazillion situations like that… My life is out there engaging with people at a million different events and where ever I go people will start throwing balls around, doing things whatever it is.”

It kinda gives you that feeling like when your Dad is up to something silly? Oh well, all eyes are on the men in black and the men and women in the beehive, what a year for NZ!

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