Further Government funding for support of Covid-19 affected business

Date: 15th July 2020

Worried about the future of your business?  Let us help you create a pathway to move forward in this new environment, plus address any issues you may be experiencing in your business.

Already registered with the RBP?

Contact your RBP Growth Advisor or local RBP Partner organisation. Contact details are on the RBP website click here

The government have release another $40 million of funding for supporting businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic.  The funding criteria will be the same as previously available and they will be prioritising the businesses that have registered but not yet received support due to the high demand.

Not registered with the RB?

If you are not registered and would like to seek funding to help us assist you, here are the steps to follow.  (click here to check for eligibility)

Findlay Sidekick is registered to provide the below services that may be applicable to your business:

  • COVID-19 Support in Cashflow & Finance
  • Cashflow Management  (4 Hours)
  • Budgeting (4 Hours)
  • Assisting with Bank Re-financing. (2 Hours)
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan Review (90 Minutes)

For more information on our registered services, please click here:

Business Continuity Plan

Covid-19 support in cashflow management and finance

How to register your Businesses

Step 1

Register on the RBP website here

Step 2

Regional Business Partner (RBP) Growth Advisors will contact you and will work with you to assess priority needs and provide access to funding for use with registered Service Providers. Only RBP
Growth Advisors can allocate this funding.

Step 3
Once you have been approved for funding, let Kirsty know your voucher code so she can create an event for you to book on to on the RBP website.  Call her on 443-4417 or email kirsty@findco.co.nz

Please note this funding is limited and first in will be best served.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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