Free on-job training for your staff

Date: 15th May 2017

Do you own or manage a retail, tourism, hospitality, museum or aviation business? Would your business benefit from having more highly skilled staff? Chances are you said ‘yes’ to that last question because talented staff with great skills are vital for business success. From popular hotels, tourist attractions, retail shops, distribution centres, airlines, restaurants, cafés and bars, skilled staff mean greater customer satisfaction and new business.

So, chances are you’re keen to know how you might achieve a more skilled team with little or no cost to your business, right?

Government funded training for staff

ServiceIQ is an official government and industry-funded training partner and it’s their responsibility to help businesses succeed through skilled and knowledgeable people. You can upskill your staff for free simply by training one or more of your team to be an in-house assessor.

ServiceIQ trains your employee to assess and help your staff meet standards and apply new skills they learn on-job with ServiceIQ training programmes. Even if you choose to use an external assessor, including one of ServiceIQ’s own, any costs that your business incurs are tax deductible.

Free access to training programmes

You can choose from a wide range of top quality workplace training programmes for your staff at every stage of their career development – from new entrants to senior management diploma level. The programmes are mostly a mix of theory and practice. They are easily delivered to your staff on-job, and at a pace that works for your people and your business.

Benefits for your business

With a qualified in-house assessor and free staff training you can:

  • upskill your staff on-job better, faster, easier, cheaper
  • maintain high standards
  • attract customers with consistently strong service
  • increase productivity and sales
  • reward your staff with a national qualification
  • boost morale
  • retain skilled people and reduce costs associated with high staff turnover

Benefits for your employees

With a qualified in-house assessor and free staff training your staff:

  • gain excellent skills and knowledge
  • enjoy increased job satisfaction
  • feel valued
  • gain a national qualification
  • understand the importance of their role in your business.

More information

With so many service and tourism based businesses in the Southern Lakes region, we’re sure this scheme would be a huge benefit to many of you. If you want to know more about ServiceIQ we suggest your check out their website.

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