Four innovative Wanaka businesses

Date: 7th December 2019

People in Wanaka come up with some smart ideas. It might be the fresh mountain air and the inspiration all around us. People doing smart things inspire people to do smart things it seems. Our town is an incubator for new ideas that solve big problems and creativity that makes the world a better place. We check out what some of the locals have been up to!

Nautilus Modular

Nautilus Modular homes with mountain backdrop

The Southern Lakes region faces some housing challenges. Finding tradesmen, finding space, tackling affordability and finance to name a few. Residents demand solutions that favour the environment and they are looking for comfort, aesthetics and smart living when it comes to their homes.

Introducing Nautilus Modular, a fully integrated modular building system pulls all elements of production, transport and installation into a simplistic and efficient package. Off-site manufacturing creates efficiencies in the supply chain model, reduces waste while still able to quickly produce quality, sustainable housing. At the heart of the project, this company has focused on accessibility, efficiency, innovation, sustainability, and liveability; they aim to not only bend the rules but to change the game.

Wildwire Wanaka

Wildwire is one of those Wanaka tourism businesses that is not just for the visitors; locals have got to check this out too!! Wildwire takes you up one of our local waterfalls, in the stunning Matukituki valley by via ferrata. Via ferrate comes from the Italian, vie ferrate, or ‘iron road’; it is a secure, protected, climbing path, where climbers attach themselves to a cable that is fixed to the rock along the route. Sound like fun? Hundreds of steel rungs, safety cable and epic wire-bridges have been secured to the canyon walls, enabling you to access this area and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and experience an unforgettable climb.

Wildwire is owned by long terms locals Mark and Laurel Morrison; they are passionate adventurers, business owners and locals.


And if you haven’t been yet, you have got to try Fudog!! FuDog brings fresh Asian flavours to Wanaka. Their main influence stems from modern Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine.  They have classics like house made dumplings, all the way to pickled vegetables and steamed whole fish. They source the best New Zealand ingredients and you can enjoy it in a beautiful setting tucked away in the heart of Wanaka.

FuDog has a relaxed open plan restaurant perfect socializing space or that Christmas party. You can enjoy mountain views, outdoor seating area and a fully stocked bar.

Laser Clays

Wanaka Laser Clays

Wanaka Laser Clays is claybird shooting with lasers, wahoo!! Wanaka Laser Clays uses real guns that have been converted to lasers for safety. The shotgun fires a harmless infra-red beam at the clay target which is launched a distance of about 40 metres from the automatic thrower. A large electronic scoreboard keeps track of the scores throughout the round. At the end, the clays are picked up, loaded back into the thrower ready to go again, leaving no mess. There is no loud bang or recoil – making it perfect for people aged from 12 and up.

This is such an epic idea for your Christmas party. Up to 5 people can be playing at once and teams can be rotated, making it perfect for larger groups. There are four clay bird shooting game modes for the more competitive ones amongst us. There is also the option to play at night with the use of the luminous clays that glow in the dark. All that is required is a property or venue with a lawn space of about 40 metres by 15 metres.

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