Finding investors for your small-medium business

Date: 28th August 2015

Want money to grow your business, but too small – or too soon – for the stock exchange? Crowdfunding is one option, as is the new NXT market, aimed at matching smaller businesses with investors.

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What is NXT?

NXT, which launched in June, is an offshoot of the New Zealand Stock Exchange with simpler listing rules and a new approach to disclosure. NXT has been set up in response to  recommendations from the Capital Markets Taskforce, which noted that New Zealand has limited capital-raising opportunities for the smaller businesses that make up the bulk of its economy.

See the NXT website for more information on listing criteria and its key features.

What about Crowdfunding?

For a number of businesses, crowdfunding may be a more suitable option. Crowdfunding works by many people putting small amounts of money towards a company or project. It’s an approach popular with start-ups and early-stage businesses.

New crowdfunding rules make it quicker and easier for small companies to raise money. Instead of the detailed documents companies usually have to publish when raising money from the public, they only have to provide basic information on a crowdfunding service website.

Smaller companies keen to raise money in this way can use crowdfunding service providers, who act as intermediaries between those with shares to sell and investors keen to buy. A list of licensed providers is available on the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) website, along with information on how to become a licenced provider.

Companies seeking investors also have to meet certain FMA requirements, such as raising no more than $2 million from the public in any 12-month period. And if you’re thinking of investing, check out the FMA’s tips for crowdfunders.

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