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Date: 24th October 2019

Wanaka with storm clouds

Now we know not all of our clients live in Wanaka, but we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the cool community we live in by talking about some of the innovative eco initiatives underway. This post is a virtual tip-of-the-hat to some smart thinkers, change-makers and generous time-givers bringing sustainability to the forefront in our community!

Let’s talk: One New Zealand

One New Zealand is a purposeful, not-for-profit organisation focused on educating, inspiring and enabling Kiwi communities to accelerate towards a Carbon Zero future and beyond. The organisation is run by a passionate group of Wanaka locals bringing their expertise together for good.

One Summit

Their mission is to:

  • Increase the speed at which communities can become Carbon Zero 21st Century communities.
  • Mainstream sustainability to foster thriving, diverse and interconnected environments, communities and businesses.
  • Advocate and raise awareness of climate justice, bio-sphere and environmental rights.
  • Increase community cohesion through establishment of partnership and collaboration networks.

At the heart of the task is the intention to create a cohesive, thriving, resilient, diverse community with opportunities for all. As our climate changes, this objective becomes increasingly challenged. One New Zealand is facilitating the conversation about how we can care for the physical environment in which we live and play, now, today.

The One Summit, the key educational event, plays host to national and local climate and sustainability leaders and change makers. High calibre speakers will share their experience, knowledge and passion in our various events throughout the Summit in both Wanaka and Queenstown. James Shaw, Green party Co Leader and the Minister for Climate Change will be speaking alongside an impressive line up of workshops, displays and presentations.

Read more and grab your tickets here.

Let’s shop: Honest Wholefood Company

Hello Honest Wholefood Company, welcome to Wanaka, we love your work!

Honest Wholefood Co logo

The Honest Wholefood Co makes it easy and affordable to shop plastic and package free!! Here’s how it works. Order online, drop off your containers (yes they can be the containers you store things in in your pantry, HWC fill them up and drop them back, job done!!

Holy, moly we love this idea.

The Honest Wholefood Co was set up by local sisters Nicola and Emma. They themselves like to live as sustainable and waste fee as possible and the business was born in an effort to help others do the same, because honestly, it’s not easy. The good news is the business makes it easier to take packaging out of the equation.

The products are sourced from importers and growers around NZ and locally where possible. The products are chosen for their sustainable and ethical practises and of course minimal packaging. The products are an awesome range of non-processed wholefoods and, where possible, organic. Because the girls buy in bulk they are able to be competitive with pricing.

Virtual high five to the Honest Wholefood Co, we love it!

Let’s volunteer

Feeling inspired by smart people doing good work? Have a think about ways you might like to give your precious time by checking out some options at Nature Space.

We love hearing about what people are quietly up to in our town, who do you know doing something special?

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