Christchurch tradesmen take the plunge

Date: 2nd July 2014

We all know that the Christchurch earthquakes have caused massive upheaval to many thousands of lives in the Canterbury region.  Everyday we hear heart-wrenching stories about folks trying to rebuild their lives.  But there’s some good news out there that isn’t so widely reported. For example, here are a couple of blokes, clients of Findlay and Co, who, in response to the volume of work available in Christchurch, have recently taken the plunge and started their own trades businesses.  We take a look at how these hard-working and down-to-earth guys, with the backing of Findlay and Co, have taken the opportunities brought about the rebuild, and are loving it.

Penese Iosofa, Clean Cut Painting and Decorating

Early in 2014 Penese Iosofa started a small painting business as a sole trader subcontracting to other painters. A few months down the track, having gained experience and with the help of Findlay and Co, he expanded his operation. He took on a partner and staff and is now a limited liability company, Clean Cut Painting & Decorating Ltd. Christchurch EQC work is keeping Penese nicely busy and talking to him you quickly become aware that he is happy and confident in his new role as a business owner.

Penese is a straight up guy that tells it like it is.  And this is what he says about Findlay and Co:

My partner did the research on accounting companies. She rung around and found three possible companies. As soon as I talked to Findlay & Co I knew they were the right choice.   They came across as normal people, easy to get along with. They are specialists in small business and trades accounting.

My main thing is honesty. Findlay & Co are straight up, no B.S. They answer all my dumb questions, like the small things about GST. They always get back to you and if they don’t know the answer they’ll put you onto to someone who does.

Sonya’s recommended people who can help me. She put me on to the ASB and she phoned them before I arrived for my meeting so they already knew who I was. She put me on to EC Credit Collections to help me with my terms and conditions so I’m protected against customers going under.

Xero? Yeah, it’s mean!

Shane’s Gardening

Lack of on-the-job knowledge wasn’t the reason why Shane Hole didn’t start up his own landscaping business sooner. He had 30 years of experience behind him. It was the paperwork side of things. But with the abundance of work available in Christchurch post-earthquake, Shane finally overcame his apprehension and took the plunge last October, establishing Shane’s Gardening. And with the backing of Findlay & Co, he hasn’t looked back.

Findlay & Co eased my fear of paperwork and compliance. They introduced me to Xero which I discovered is the best thing since sliced bread. Being computer illiterate I’d never used an accounting system before but I have found Xero very, very easy. Everything is at my fingertips, I know what my GST is and my profit and loss.

Findlay & Co help keep me updated on the technology. They introduced me to Thank You Payroll which is brilliant! I don’t have any mobile accounting apps yet but I’ll do that down the line.

Findlay & Co monitor what I do and if I make a mistake they phone me to help fix it. They give me peace of mind. It just works. I can’t rave about them enough!

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