Charitable Trusts

Date: 26th June 2013

What is a charitable trust and what relevance do they have on our everyday lives?

A charitable trust may be established by individuals or by an unincorporated society to benefit a charitable cause of their choosing including the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, the advancement of religion and any other purpose beneficial to the community.  Charities registered with the Commission are exempt from income tax, and donors of gifts to registered charities don’t have to pay gift duty.    And, as with school donations that we discussed last week, donors to charitable trusts can claim a tax rebate of 33.33%.

Charitable trusts are so ingrained in our everyday life that you may not realise how prolific they are.  A quick search on the Charities Register website shows 76 charitable trusts listed in Wanaka, and around 26,000 nationwide.  You probably interact with some or many of these organisations on a daily basis.  They include pre-schools, primary schools, community groups, sports clubs and many of our popular festivals.

Last week was National Volunteers week so it is timely to recognise the roles of charities in our community.  Here is a small sample of local charitable trusts and what they do:

NZ Mountain Film Festival  

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Our non-profit Charitable Trust ascertains to promote, through its annual mountain film festival, healthy and active lifestyles, encourage youth to make small safe adventures in the outdoors, to inspire people to reach their full potential, to work cooperatively with others in the youth development area, to help people with disabilities get into outdoor activities and to promote NZ arts, film, culture, environment and outdoor lifestyles.

We are starting a grant scheme of four different causes we believe in:

  1. Fund young school leavers in adventure film making courses and/or adventure skills training,
  2. Financially support local environmental projects like river cleanups, native tree re-planting and other similar non-profit organisations,
  3. Establish a scheme that helps New Zealanders film and edit adventure activities,
  4. Assist with funding people with disabilities to buy specialist sporting equipment.

The NZ Mountain Film Festival starts next week: 5th-9th July in Wanaka and 13th and 14th July in Queenstown.

Wanaka Community House Charitable Trust  

Community Networks is Wanaka’s one stop shop for fostering community and social development in the Central Lakes District… a satellite base for a whole range of social services including immigration, taxation, family assistance, health and disability, Work & Income, employment relations, Workbridge, OSH, ACC, Career Advice, Adult Education, Support Groups and professional counsellors. We also offer the services of a Justice of the Peace and a Community Social Worker is available.  Community Networks is also the service provider for the Wanaka based School Holiday programmes for children aged between 5 – 14 years.

Wanaka Challenge

The Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust is a charitable trust whose primary objective is to arrange and provide events and activities having a sporting, recreational and/or social value for the benefit of the citizens of both the Southern Lakes area and the citizens of New Zealand in general.  It applies the trust funds in and towards the benefit of the community and New Zealand in general by way of financial contribution towards the establishment and maintenance of recreational, educational and health facilities and services with particular reference to people having disabilities or other extraordinary needs.

Te Kākano  

Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. We have our own community-based native plant nursery that specialises in propagating plants of local origin.  We support native habitat restoration in the Upper Clutha Basin and we work with local community groups, schools, organisations & businesses in the effort to promote hands-on community land care.

Other popular Wanaka charities include Warbirds Over Wanaka, Wanaka Volunteer Fire Brigade, Wanaka Toy Library, Aspiring Beginnings Early Learning Centre, Mini Muscles, Aspiring Avalanche Dogs and Wastebusters.

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